The Forexmentor Forex Scalping Course
by Vic Noble & Chris Lori

The Forexmentor Forex Scalping Course

Dear members,

There are often times when the currency market fails to offer up qualified set ups for position or day trading.  However, during these times there are often many great opportunities that you should not pass up on. During these times, professional traders will often capture small pip movements by identifying high probability setups on lower time frames. This style of trading is commonly known as “ scalpingâ€.

When scalping, a trader's goal is to extract smaller profits from the market but doing this more frequently.

Workshop presenter Chris Lori and Personal Trading Coach Vic Noble have joined forces to bring you this one-of-a-kind, brand new online video course that will fully explain how you can learn to profitably “ scalp†the forex market consistently and safely.

In this online course, you will not only learn the theory behind the various proven forex scalping strategies, but Vic and Chris will show you live trade examples that illustrate real scalping trades!

The online Forex Scalping course will show you...

How to master the basic tools in order to scalp the market
Trade setups that are good candidates for scalping.
Forex Scalping trades as they set up in real time.
Watch as scalp orders are placed, executed, and then followed to completion. 
The "BIG STONES" scalping strategy.
The best time for scalping activities.
How to "stalk" your scalping trade.
Momentum scalping trade examples.

plus much more...

This course was developed to accommodate a wide range of experience levels, including the more novice trader. All concepts explained carefully with this in mind.


Ongoing live and simulated scalping trade examples video updates will be made available to course subscribers for a period of 6 months. Students will receive frequent reinforcements of the concepts that Vic and Chris teach in this scalping course.

We hope this course will add another tool to your Forex arsenal. Enjoy the course and scalp safely!


"This is Ted. I had a coaching session with you and also took the Scalping course. Both were excellent and have allowed me to bring in, on average, $250.00 per day, which is added income to my retirement pensions. I specialize in the Aus/Jpy pair exclusively and understand very well now what makes these currencies move. With this combination of fundamental knowledge and the technical skills taught by you, I am doing exceptionally well. Last night I made $790.00 with 3 scalping trades. I've averaged over 80% wins in the last 2 months. Thanks for your tutorage. " Ted H.

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From Peter & the Forexmentor Team

(Part I: With Vic Noble)

1.1. Scalping in the Forex (03:28)
1.2. Get the Most Out of This Course (01:43)
1.3. What is Scalping? (02:52)
1.4. Risky Business (03:42)
1.5. Critical Tools (03:18)
1.6. Handling Your Trading Platform (00:58)
1.7. Which Way to the Pot of Gold? (01:26)

Pivot Points
2.1. Pivot Points (01:13)
2.2. Pivot Points Calculation (02:04)
2.3. Pivot Points Calculator

Old Highs/Lows
3.1. Old Highs (00:42)
3.2. Old Highs Live (03:19)
3.3. Old Lows (00:33)
3.4. Old Lows Live (03:30)

Prior Days Highs/Lows
4.1. Prior Days Highs (01:05)
4.2. Prior Days Highs Live (02:02)
4.3. Prior Days Lows (00:59)
4.4. Prior Days Lows Live (01:31)

5.1. Using Fibonacci Information (02:17)
5.2. Fibonacci Support Live (03:51)
5.2. Fibonacci Resistance Live (03:19)
5.4. Fibonacci Extensions (01:24)
5.5. Fibonacci Extensions Up (03:04)
5.6. Fibonacci Extensions Down (02:35)

6.1. Best Time for Scalping (02:35)
6.2. Now what do I do? (02:30)
6.3. Show Time (00:52)

(Part II: with Chris Lori)

7.1. Scalping in the Forex Market (08:43)

Key Tools Overview
8.1. Pivot Levels (07:36)
8.2. Support and Resistance (11:51)
8.3. Fibonacci Levels (04:30)

Order Entry Rule No.1
9.1. Order Entry Rule No.1 (05:34)

The Big Stones Scalp
10.1. The Big Stones Scalp (11:41)
10.2. GBP 15m Big Stones Scalp Simtrade (07:02)
10.3. GBP 60m Big Stones Scalp Simtrade (07:46)
10.4. GBP 15m Big Stones Scalp Simtrade (05:19)

Reaction Levels
11.1. What a Reaction Looks Like on a 5m Chart (04:15)
11.2. Potential Reaction Levels on Higher Timeframes (06:25)
11.3. Setting Reaction Levels on EUR 4hr Chart (02:37)

The Momentum Scalp
12.1. The Momentum Scalp (06:51)
12.2. The Momentum Scalp Example (05:06)

Scalping Tips
13.1. Elasticity Range (04:17)
13.2. Stalking Your Scalp (04:26)
13.3. Scalping with Fibonacci Extensions (01:53)

14.1. Scalping Review (04:32)

(Part III: Examples)

Live Trade Examples
15.1. December 29, 2006 GBP Live Trade Example (12:06)
15.2. January 8, 2007 GBP Live Trade Example (18:06)
15.3. January 10, 2007 EUR Live Trade Example (20:55)
15.4. January 12, 2007 GBP Live No-Trade Example (09:30)
15.5. January 16, 2007 GBP Live Trade Example (13:24)

Simtrade Examples
16.1. December 29, 2006 EUR Simtrade Example (07:33)
16.2. January 3, 2007 GBP Simtrade Example (11:44)
16.3. January 9, 2007 EUR Simtrade Example (23:54)
16.4. January 12, 2007 GBP Simtrade Example (00:00)

Hey Vic, Just wanted to let you guys know that this system really works for me. I went through the course several times taking notes (20 pages worth).  Studied the notes and examples for about a week and did demos until it all sunk  in. The trickiest part for me was knowing how to plot all the key highs and  lows  and where to measure the fib levels and overlying fib levels. However, I
came up with my own individualized method of plotting these reaction  levels on my charts that clearly shows where price is likely to react. During my first day live, I made 17 pips in the first trade, 8 on the second, and 6 on the last one for the day. Needless to say, that was  pretty cool. I am batting a thousand with no losses yet: just grabbing 5 to 10  pips per trade, which add up at day's end. I can actually make a decent living  by just taking in 18 pips a day: excellent money that is above and beyond my retirement pension.

So, thanks for this great course you guys and keep up the good work. Due to this course, my understanding of the Forex market and my confidence level has increased dramatically. Vic, if I have any questions, I will let you know. I did a personal coaching session with you also, which got me really going into this business. - Ted Hamilton, M.S.ED.

I just went through the complete course tonight and it's very well done.  I especially like when you do the live trades.  It puts us in the moment and you did a great job explaining why you took the actions you did.  Everything was very calculated.  Congratulations to you and Chris on this piece of work.  Best Regards, -Gary

I just wanted to say that I am going through the scalping course for the second time and this stuff is awesome. You guys should be selling this stuff for thousands of dollars. I love how you guys stick to basic trading principles. Anyway I will be getting in touch with you soon o.k. Regards, -Rodney

Hi Vic, Congratulations to you and Chris for all your work on the Scalping course. You have given a whole new meaning to the term “scalpingâ€. As soon as I received the notification from Forexmentor that the course was available and you and Chris had written it I knew I had to have it.
Your step by step presentation and the numerous trade examples provide a wealth of material to help us become good scalpers. I have been through the whole course once and am now going through many of the sections a second time to make sure that it is “sinking inâ€.
I did my first scalp on the GBP during the London session yesterday on my demo account and it was a winner! (I looked for, and found a bounce off the previous days high). Still a fair way to go but I was please with my first attempt.
Thanks to you both for all the work you have done in producing this course. Your professionalism and obvious passion for teaching us to become successful traders is much appreciated.
Kind regards,
-Graham - Forexmentor Member

I purchase the scalping course it is very impressive, you and Chris did a fantastic job.
Well put together and calculative.  Thank keep up the good work.
- Kevin Thompson
Forexmentor Forex Scalping Course