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Reservoir Pips

Reservoir Pips
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Price: $2
Availability: In Stock
Model: 102
Manufacturer: Missionforex
Average Rating: Not Rated

Please click links if interested to get more information while still can or just ignore this email


Date: Monday, April 6th, 2009

From the Next Generation Fx Trading Headquarters,

Listen very Carefully... What I'm about to tell you is really serious. SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! It might sound like something from a hollywood gangstar movie or it might even upset you! A dark and mysterious energy is coming and nobody even knows?

It is threatning the exsistance of every trader who is trying to make a living from forex, the threat is so severe that we have had to raise the alarm level to RED.

We are now in a state of emergency, clear and present danger is lurking over the city of London in what appears to be a tense situation with a group of 6 hostile traders wanting to claim revenge for what they believe was a plot to leave Over 3.7 million people in the dark about a powerful new technology. The technology is so powerful, that even they have tried to ban non-forex traders from using it.

The news of this happening soon travelled quickly and now and the rest of the word including Tokoyo and New York, all announcing they are soon to follow suit with this new 'undisclosed' currency trading order. The game is set to change forever as...

This market is now becoming a ruthless cut throat industry similiar to music. I mean, it's so easy to enter, as most people start with as little as $50 to buy into a industry which is trades over 4 trillion dollars everyday. The forex marketplace never stops action 24 hours a day 5 days a week, It is highly explosive and volatile market as new oppotunities are arising every second of the day.

It does not matter how many people trade using the same robot because profitability is still there and demand is higher than supply. There is more than enough for everyone, but some are obviously some are more greedy than others. The industry is a untapped goldmine waiting to get raided, who's side are you going to be on.

Corporate fat cat's who are trying to control the flow of money by being able to move such large sums of money in any onetime are about to be hit the hardest with our brutal new advisor which has the latest in filtering technology. The bloody war on forex trading is now on!

After 7 long year's under armed guard at the nextgenerationfxtrading headquaters, the team have spent almost $1.2 million in research and development cost's have now come that one step closer to unlocking the financial code that seperates good robot's from great ones.

After different independant tests were carried out on current leading robot's we have found that the one's who have shown promising result's have peformed extremely well under backtests when using demo accounts. But, when it came to the real deal using a live money account the results were so poor that we had to turn the computer off in disgust.

We spent everynight researching for solutions that would provide us with a logical answer. We have in our team a mixture of talent from programmers to mathmaticians who could create and solve any problem thrown at them. They soon quickly realised the missing link between all these expert advisors that have promising results in the lab but when it comes to live testing were just simply bad.

Okay, so we knew what the problem was but now needed a solution. We wrote to several leading forex traders and one guy agreed to let us sample his source code. The only problem with the best selling robot we tested was the risk settings were just to high and not calculated.

A full major reconstruction of the mainframe was required and operation 'Reservoir Pips' was the first project of it's kind to be tested. Our team here at Nextgenerationfxtrading worked around the clock to study current and past market trends with a machine that is installed with 4th generation bio-metric technology.

After 7 years of in-depth testing, the in house traders were able to distinguish patterns is the market and realised that if they lowerd the STOP LOSS down to Low, than the expert advisor would always remain in profit. This was the breakthrough we were looking for, a way to safeguard profits whilst maintaing a healthy trading account.

The screenshot BELOW indicates how our extremely LOW stop loss feature works.

As you can see we are still in HUGE profit even though it has taken a loss!...

Imagine trading forex and being protected against any loss... Imagine making an additional $9789.50 over 12 months ROCK-SOLID guaranteed to spend it on anything you like, or you can even a rake in a whopping $292.50 in 2 quick trades without any work on your behalf except going to collect the cash and then going out spending it.

Picture how cool and trendy you will look when you're richer than all your friends and how you don't even have to break a sweat to go get it. Think of it as high speed income booster that penetrate's deep into the forex market, pulling out just in time before it makes any LOSS what so ever.

Our incredible RECENT AND CURRENT LIVE TESTING will crush any competitor in exsistance. Not a humble statement I know, but we sure as hell can back it up though. If you have stumbled upon any garbage that has been hyped up recently that cannot show LIVE results as recent as our's, than I suggest you discard your rubbish and replace it with a award winning patented expert advisor that will rip money from the foreign exchange like clockwork.

Simple setup... easy '3 step' technology.
Get started within 2 minutes
Trades on the EUR/USD Currency Pair
Fully ADJUSTABLE settings for the Advanced trader.
Uses plug and play technology, 100% automated software.
No prior computer or Forex knowledge required.
Suitable for both newbie and veteran Forex traders

Our expert team here at Next Generation Fx Trading have tweaked and also adjusted the parameters to avoid detection with any corrupt or bogus broker, these scumbags will 'pull the plug' when they know you are making good profit. This is not a myth!

The stealth enhancment module version 1, has been tested furiously with the 'dodgy' forex brokers and main leading ones to ensure you get maximum profit for very little work and outlay. The fundemental principle on which the forex trading market was based upon is called leverage.

It is barbaric to think we are not entitled to a piece of this trilion dollar industry which is growing faster than the population of China and India put together. It's time to claim your share of this super trillion dollar industry.

The possibility of earning more $1,000's per month and becoming your personal ATM machine...

Our unique patented built-in code protection and price verified performace enhancer follows cuurent market trends to ensure a rock solid profitible trade. With such volatile conditions recently, we have taken on board the factors that influence such peaks in movement.

A hybrid version was recently leaked on to several independant foreign exchange/ financial forums to allow 'underground traders' to put the beast to the test and once and for all verify the bold claims made by it's creators. After studying the result's, what we found was absolutley shocking!

Look below and you will see where reservoir pips enters a buy position at 1.34176, and with one quick sudden swoop the eagle eyed beast grabs a cash raid and exits at 1.34330. Pocketing a healthy $154.00 on complete auto-pilot. NO Hassle. No Nonsense and No human interaction required.

NO LOSS! Low risk and completely works with full automation. Set and forget...

This simple easy to use tool will enhance your Forex profits threshold, multiplying whatever you are making at the moment, with complete safety. Maximum profit with minmum effort is the dominant factor that creates our long term approach. This is know by some as the 80/20 rule.

This rule is timeless, and can be applied to anything. If you think carefully about it... How many people do you know that focus on the wrong thing? You see, I know you may have come across many systems all over the internet claiming to be experts... But, the question is...

The majority of the time it is a random guy telling how he is making millions and showing you all stuff you wish you always had like 5 star holiday cruise, high performance sports car and all the stuff thats not actually going to get you want you want.

I mean, any idiot can do that. What I am offering you is combined trading experience of over 73 years in total. My team here Nextgenerationfxtrading headquaters are trained cold-blooded ruthless traders that have traded billions of dollars for major US corporations and Oil barons from the far east.

Each trader in the company has a specialist skill set, and when brought together is a explosive combination of dangerous and powerful trading strategies all moulded into a ruthless killing machine which works undercover to infilitrate the 'Fat Cat Guru' who preys on the weak.

We are only here for one thing and one thing ONLY... To Make You Money And Fast!

These opportunities occur everyday in the brutal world of forex trading. We are a grassroot driven team that has seen everything from the underground level to the top dog level. It is a world of anarchy and pain for most traders as they fail in their conquest for control and power.

The ugly truth is, that with so many people do not know how to manage the single biggest killer that murders ANY chance of long term succes.... EMOTIONS. With Fear and Greed Taking over 99% of the times, we worked furiously around the clock to develop a software that can reduce the risk of your eye's getting bigger than your belly.

The system that you are about to witness is the result of leveraging a new high speed system which is based on 4th generation technology. With over 52 patent's that cover our ground breaking innovation, we have made sure that every Tom, Dick And Harry does not have a copy our patented technology.

This forex tool is the most highly sophisticated software that protects you against loss of profit. They are screaming that this robot be banned immediately and taken off the shelves. Guess what?... They really can't do nothing about it. we have every angle covered with Reservoir Pips™.

The currency fluctuation monitor automatically set to default as LOW, so it will always send a signal to the stop loss feature we added in there for extra security, this way it will NEVER get caught slipping. It does exactly what it say's on the tin... STOP LOSS!

Have you ever thought of picking up your spade so you can shovel straight into this multi trillion dollar industry and and start making a income that is on steroids?

Woooops! Have you been kept out of the loop? MT4 is being replaced by MT5, so if you have'nt planned for the digital sitchover over than I suggest you really concentrate right now because what your about to find out might just upset you slightly.

As technology improves, so must everything else around it. The interface in which we plug into must be updated all the time so it does not expire or go extinct. Many traders have not prepared for this digital switchover which is set to trigger a massive fluctuation into the market upon it's arrival later this year.

The results above are the results using the Low Risk settings! Profits could be a LOT higher with higher risk settings or when using the Reservoir Pips unique 4th generation stealth Mode setting. Remember, this all happens automatically – no work required on your behalf.

Reservoir Pips makes it possible for Mr. everyday joe public, to walk straight into forex and profit from the word Go. Without even blinking a eye lid. Guaranteed sure fire profit's that are small, but regular and consistent.

Reservoir Pips can earn you 120% ROI in 1 month...
3 Decisive Trades.. 3 Trading Days... $490 PROFIT!...
15½ Hours $295.40....Hold Ransom All winning TRADES...
Bulletproof No RISK Safety Settings generates $9789.50!

No matter what you trade... TWO general market conditions exist:  trending or ranging.

It has been scientifically proven time after time from various sources identifying that financial markets are not entirely random but show a tendency to move in a certain direction, either up or down, over a period of time. But the market doesn't always move – it can also have periods of pause, staying within a confined range of prices. These pausing periods are the ranging phase.

Here at the Next Generation Headquarters our team of advanced trader's who have 73 years combined knowledge & experience 'cracked the profiteering' code' for capturing guaranteed profit opportunities in both trending and ranging market conditions.

Reservoir Pips is the missile that will arm even a complete newbie at Forex trading and give him the cutting edge access to 4th generation robotic technology. When you trade with Reservoir Pips, you will be at par with some of the best Forex players in the market at the click of a button.

The sheer brutality of Reservoir Pips will leave you shocked. It shows no sign of weakness and is emotionless to pain, cannot be frightened as it does not fear anything and It has no greed or ulterior motive other that to make you consistent cash raids which see profits on a regular basis.

NO other expert advisor has the capabilities to engage the forex market with so much firepower and ammunition. This patented technology has not yet been exploited, so if I was you I would act real fast today.

After speaking to our chief programmer at Next Generation Fx Trading headquaters, he suggested a simple formula that can help find out if you are going in the right direction when looking for a expert advisor.

Please feel free to use this forumla...

The results speak for themselves as Reservoir Pips has just taken another 2 powerful trades netting a healthy $292.50, again this was done using LOW risk settings. The cash raids can are regular and consistent for the forex profiteer.

Look below at the awesome power of the 4th generation of expert advisors can do... which is fully equipped to deal with the digital switchover from MT4 To MT5 later this year. They might look small but they are frequent and always in profit!

No matter which way the price goes, you will be assured of the profits. This will be your personal ATM.

No matter which way the market goes, you will guarantee profits. This will be your personal ATM.

I wanted a system that is simple enough for all to understand. This system can be downloaded within a couple of minutes. After that, you simply use our 'plug and play' technology… I mean follow the instructions as given by us, and you are done… in a jiffy

Reservoir Pips contains secret tactics that the Forex players didn’t want you to know. They did want to level play with the crowd, and therefore, these secrets were closely guarded and were kept away from public eye.

But I don’t want to be selfish. If I can make profits, so can you, and when you make profits along with me, my profits are going to remain unchanged. Then why should I not offer you this fabulous life changing system to you?

Reservoir Pips is the grandmaster as it only has one focus, unlike other EAs which try and get clever with multiple features which do not work half of the time. It's accuracy can be compared to that of a sniper in the army who can take out moving target's from up to 500ft with a bow and arrow.

After recent study was conducted with the national statistics office, we have found the best possible match for consistent profit for long term growth. These two market's clearly dominate the entire global flow of MONEY!

We know you can make more money but you also increase the risks. That's not what the opportunity is about here today. I am only going to guarantee that you will have consistent smaller trades when added up at the end of the year could be easily be $9789.50 on LOW risk settings.


Our team is there for you, whenever you face trouble. We are not here for today and gone tomorrow!... we are HERE for LIFE raising the LEVELS in everyway... we would never try and disappear into oblivion.

Reservoir Pips is certified excellence on all fronts. It is indeed a splendid automated advisor that works completely on a HIGH IMPACT trading mechanism, it has the best FOREX support team on board and you have our CAST-IRON 60 day money back guarantee although im sure you won't be needing to use that.

Each and every day will bring a fresh profitable trading opportunity for you. Imagine life at its best. When you have your forex portfolio taking shape you will never have to worry about your finances ever again.

Now, to give you further proof, I want you to see the past 12 months BACKTESTING results. Yes, no cover ups, no hidden trades, full backtesting results, right here, right now.


You will be done as soon as you set it up in literally 30 seconds. If your work is your passion, you may do it, but alternatively, you may retire from your job and do what you like best. Money problems will be the last thing on your mind, as you will always have loads and loads of it.

Each day will mean more trading and more profits, and like 99% of the crowd, you will not have to worry about losses. You see, Reservoir Pips does not know how to make loss. It understands only PROFIT making.

You have always known that Forex trading is profitable venture but kept away from it because of the risk factor. You knew that you need some fool proof strategy to survive and stay afloat. Reservoir Pips is that sure fire strategy which will pave the way for success and wealth for you.

Within minutes of downloading the system, you will be able to start trading. Since you have seen the live results, you have confidence in the system and the stress and fear, your worst trading enemy, will stay away miles from you. You will reinvent a newer you…

Ok, you need not believe me. There are others who have used the advisor. So here it from them…

You will have the best of the best in life from now on… With Reservoir Pips, not only will your financial status improve, but you will also gain respect from family and friends… You will create wings and open up a world full of freedom to lead a life and lifestyle that suits your style.

Forex trading is a multi trillion dollar industry. When all the markets tanked in, Forex business remained the same. There are several top ranking Forex players who continued to earn enormous profits even when the whole world was crying…

These people are earning millions of dollars every day. Wonder how they are doing it, when you can’t? Well, they are not any different from you. The only difference between you and them is they have the strategies that give them spectacular results, while you are entangled in useless systems.

Why use an automated robot to trade the Forex market?

The reason is simple: It takes the emotion out of trading. Successful trading requires much more discipline than any average human being could possibly exercise. Reservoir Pips eliminates the need to constantly monitor the market or open up foolish positions when trading. It automatically does that with strict built-in rules that must be followed in order to trade profitably. You can also customize various settings to suit your personal goals.

Is it difficult to install Reservoir Pips?

Absolutely not! Reservoir Pips can be up and running in as little as 30 seconds! Simply download and copy the expert advisor into its specified folder to install it into your Meta Trader 4 platform. You can use this robot with any broker.

What currencies & timeframe does Reservoir Pips trade?

Reservoir Pips trades on the EUR/USD currency pair, using the 30 minute timeframe [M30]. It has been optimized and tested to successfully trade on this currency pair under every market condition.

How many trades are placed by the robot on weekly basis?

The Expert Advisor trades on average between 1-5 times a week. This is important because too many trades not only cost you money in terms of spreads, but also subject more of your account equity to market risk.

What is the recommended account balance to trade with?

Reservoir Pips is designed to work with trading accounts of any size! It uses progressive money management strategy to maximize the returns of any account, regardless of the starting balance. However, we highly recommend trying the robot on a demo account for at least 30 days, and until you feel comfortible trading it on a live account.

Can Reservoir Pips work with any broker?

Yes! Reservoir Pips works with any broker that offers the MetaTrader 4 platform (4 digit, as well as 5 digit). After your purchase, you'll be presented with our recommended broker as well as instructions on how to get started right away.

What kind of money-management strategy does the robot use?

Reservoir Pips allows you to use fixed or progressive money management. Fixed money management lets the user to input a fixed lot size that will not change as the account balance changes. Progressive money management automatically adjusts the lot to the optimal size depending on the current account equity.

What spreads are recommended for the currency pairs traded?

Since Reservoir Pips is a HIGH IMPACT trading EA, it targets on average 15 pips. It has stealth mode installed to protect against broker tactics and it makes sure that your trades go undetected by these Dirty Broker tactics.

Can I customize various settings to accomodate my trading objectives?

Yes! Reservoir Pips works right out of the box & comes with default Profitable settings for all strategies, you can fully customize various settings including money-management, stop-loss, take-profit, lot size and many other settings to maintain your profitability using Reservoir Pips.

Why haven't I heard of Reservoir Pips before?

Until recently, the Reservoir Pips was only used by Next Generation Fx Trading for it's own proprietary trading. After much deliberation, we decided to unveil it as a special treat to our customers and turn this into the most incredible expert advisor release we have personally worked on. This incredible robot will continue to make money not only now but for at least the next 37 years, while selling it to a highly satisfied customer-base. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Yes!... Reservoir Pips is your retirement plan.

If I am not satisfied with the results, is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We believe you will be absolutely amazed by the performance and results generated by Reservoir Pips. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

I still have a question that is not answered here. How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email at anytime! you can expect to receive a prompt reply to your inquiry as we have a fully focused 24/7 support team ready to serve you, we also have an extensive knowledge base you can find in the members area to help you get any issues you may have solved immediately.

Get started in minutes. Reservoir Pips is simple to use. It uses plug and play technology
100% automated software. No human intervention required.
No computer or forex knowledge needed!
You don’t need to spend time facing the computer to collect HUGE profits.
Make profits in all market conditions
Lifetime customer support through email. All your queries will be answered in 24 hours
60 days Money back guarantee

Come on, you have waited long enough. Now it is the time you got up and erased the difference and got yourself the cutting edge expert advisor you deserve. Get yourself Reservoir Pips now.

The secret trading EA can be yours and you will be one amongst the elite inner circle members that is used to earning astronomical profits every day. This marvelous expert advisor can be yours for ONLY $97.

Yes, this is not a joke. I don’t want to charge stupendous amounts. I have earned more money than in my wildest imagination using Reservoir Pips and so, I don’t want to charge high ammounts from people who aspire to gain a foothold in Forex market. But there’s just one problem. I am offering only LIMITED Copies to public.

You will have to be quick off the mark when deciding on this. Why, because I can’t offer endless copies of this powerful system forever. It won’t be possible for me to provide my customers the kind of support that I am promising to you and therefore, I simply don’t want to keep on adding customers and then not deliver the promise.

My cause for concern is not Reservoir Pips. It works on autopilot and works flawlessly almost 99.9% of the times. But, with the kind of service we are promising to our customers we simply have to put a full stop somewhere.

So act now, before the copies are all gone…

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Grab it now, and get all the desired things in life…

Please Note: You will be instantly taken to Member’s Area after the payment is made. You will have access to the Expert Advisor within a matter of minutes.

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