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Balan Robert Elliott Wave Principle Forex

Balan Robert Elliott Wave Principle Forex
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This book is recommended for all those who want to learn the ever popular principle which is 'The Elliott Wave Principle'. Believe me, you cannot find a better book to introduce you to the Elliott wave principle which does not give you a very big headache at the end. Most of the other book that was written of this topic are so cumbersome and difficult to kepp up with but not this one. This book was written by Robert Balanl who is a professional writer and researcher.

For the first time since its discovery in the 1930’s, The Elliott Wave Principle has been statistically analyzed, verified, refined and improved. The strengths of Elliott have been verified, the weaknesses identified and corrected. The result is a more powerful and accurate market-forecasting tool than ever before available.

If you are serious about taking money out of the markets, you need this critical information.

This is a definitive, excellent book on Elliott, and I recommend it to all who have an interest in the Wave Principle. It is the definitive work on a scientific wave theory of human experience.

If you are interested in technical or wave analysis, it should be required reading.

Obviouosly people either love this book (and this concept) or they hate it. I happen to love it and believe that the wave principle answers many questions about market behavior, mass social psychology and even world history. To me, this book does as much in constructing the tapestry of human history as it does in expaining stock market movements.

Anyone expecting to use this book to day-trade and get rich quick is likely to be dissappointed - no one but true experts should be day trading anyway and even many "experts" should probably find other lines of work.

What this book will do is begin to provide an understanding of markets as a function of human nature as well as to provide a very good long term perspective of all of human history. This book provides insight to explain everything from minor stock market corrections to protracted economic depressions to major world wars and even, believe it or not, the dark ages.



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