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David Jenyns – Triple Your Trading Profits Course

David Jenyns – Triple Your Trading Profits Course
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David Jenyns Triple Your Trading Profits Course

David Jenyns Triple Your Trading Profits Course

Discover the secret trading methodology Stuart McPhee uses to design profitable trading systems

DVD #1 – The Mindset
The 3M’s of trading – without just one of these components you’re guaranteed to fail

The proof that great traders a made, not born. Finally you will have the proof you need that you’re not chasing a pipe dream – you too can be a successful trader

What is the Endowment theory and why is it critical in understanding the markets.

Exactly how YOU can get a trading edge in any market you trade

Why most traders fail and the precise steps you must take to be one of those few who don’t

What’s the single most important reason you MUST have a trading plan? Not 1 in a 100 traders knows the answer but this could be the key to your trading success.

The only 2 points at which you have control over the markets – learn to only focus on what’s within your control

DVD #2– The Method
What is the greatest trading book of all time and how to apply its biggest lesson

How to chose a system that suits you – 80% of all traders get this wrong and fail as a result

What do real traders make – you need a realistic expectation when you first start trading. Are you setting your sights too low?

Learn how a new trader dominated the forex within weeks and why he is the exception to the rule

What is the biggest hurdle new trader’s face. Hint: it has nothing to do your mindset, psyche or discipline

The only 2 styles of trading – it doesn’t matter what market you trade, you must pick one or fail

Why you can’t daytrade with a small float – this is the single biggest reason most daytraders go broke

How YOU can identify low risk trends guaranteed to turn a profit – critical advice for all traders

The most important part of any trading system – spend most of your time focusing on this key area and you’re setting yourself up for success

Which is better: technical or fundamental analysis – find the answer you’ve been looking for

DVD #3– The Method II & Mindset II
Exact entry rules YOU can use to identify high probability, low risk trades

The simple rule of “v” and why you should obey it at all times

How to use the weight of the evidence matrix as your secret weapon

When is watching an instrument’s volume critical and when should you ignore it – knowing this can save you loads of time

Is price really an important factor when trading – have you been putting too much importance on price data and hurting your profits?

How to analyse the risk profile of any trading instrument – you’ll instantly feel more relaxed when you know what you’re risking

How to time your entry. Every trading system needs a good entry – learn the best proven methods

What charting patterns put the odds in your favour – some patterns are as good as gold, while other are a waste of time. Have you got it right?

Why using too many indicators will kill your trading profits. Most new traders get this wrong – have you?

How to find the best performing stocks in the best performing sectors – this sector analysis strategy alone is worth your entire investment in this course

The biggest trading secret Stuart learnt while serving over 10 years in the Australian and US armies– I can almost guarantee you haven’t got this right

The holy grail of trading – it does exist but it’s just not what you think

What’s the difference between retirement trading and shorter term, more aggressive trading – mix this up and you’re sure to fail

How the speed of implementation will affect your success in the market. All top performing individuals in their selected fields know it – and now you will too

DVD #4– The Money
How to lose more times that you win and still make huge profits – the art of excellent money management

What should your primary objective of trading be – I can almost guarantee you have this wrong

The importance of volatility when managing your risk – absolutely critical information you must know

Precise rules for where YOU should place stops to avoid them being taken out by devious traders looking to steal your cash

3 methods for setting stops. Choose just one and drop it into your trading plan – it couldn’t be easier

How to set your maximum loss and why you must never risk a penny more

The simple formula for calculating your position size – guaranteed to ensure you never exceed your maximum loss

How to let your profits run while not setting a trailing stop too tight that you’re whipsawed in and out of trades. This is the single biggest problem area for all traders learn the secrets

We debunk the myth, “you can never go broke taking a profit” – you can!

How long should it take you to monitor your trades – don’t spend a minute more on your trading than you have to

What’s the common element among all successful traders – you could copycat this idea if only you knew what it was

3 questions you must answer before you start trading – if you don’t ask these questions you’ll never find out the answer till it’s too late

Why keeping it simple works – Albert Einstein was right when he said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

8 key rules to trading that are time tested – miss one and you’ll be sorry you did

The problems with information management and why it’s critical to have a plan

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