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Scalper Expert Advisor

Scalper Expert Advisor
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Full Version Scalper Expert Advisor

Scalper EA


Title: Scalper
Currency Pairs: All Timeframe: M1
CPU Load: Almost zero Test Lots: 0.1
Best Result With: EUR/USD
Test Period: 07/21/2010 - 10/24/2010
Test Profit: ~ 84% Test Max DrawDown: ~ 07%
Compatibility: Only MT4

How to install Expert Advisors on Metatrader?

1. Metatrader EA should has ex4 or mq4 file extension. mq4-sourse code, ex4-compiled code. First of all it is necessary to copy this file to the folder experts of working directory Under a working directory we understand a root directory, in which we installed MetaTrader 4 terminal.

forex ea

2. The second step is to restart MetaTrader . After the restart the expert advisor should be added to the list of experts in the window Navigator . It necessary to stress that the colored icon corresponds to mq4 file. If you have an ex4 file only, an icon in the window Navigator will be grey. The same grey color may mean that the errors in a source code appeared.

forex expert advisor       mt4 experts

3. In order to check EA errors, you may press F4, the editor of language MQL4 , and then it is necessary to load the source code of expert into the editor. Press F5 in order to compile the expert advisor. In case of success, the sentence '0 errors' will appear in conclusion window. Warnings are p Minot errors and their presence does not hinder the successful compiling.

mt4 ea

4. Now MetaTrader identifies our metatrader EA and the source code of forex expert does not contain errors. Next logical step will be to specify working pair and timeframe for the expert advisor. The easiest way to do it is to apply the technology Drag-and-Drop . For this purpose it is necessary to select metatrader expert advisor, press the left mouse button and drag it on the required chart, then release the button. There is another way. After the selection of metatrader EA, press the right mouse button for context menu, then choose from the menu Attach to and chart .

scalper ea

5. If you made the steps mentioned above correctly, you should see the window of expert advisor settings, where you should let the EA trade. Do not forget about the button Expert Advisors , which is located on one of standard tool bars of the terminal. The button must be pressed.

Best Forex EA For Scalping  forex expert advisor

6. In the case of correct execution of all above-described actions, the name of forex EA and smiling face must appear in the right overhead corner of the chart. It means that an expert advisor is installed and ready to work. An metatrader EA is almost ready to work. Now we can look over or change operating parameters. Properties of expert are accessible by pressing F7 , or from context menu of active chart.

forex ea

7. The changed parameters can be saved by pressing the button Save . The button Load serves for the load of the values, which were stored before. A file with the expert advisor parameters has extension set and this file is kept in the directory experts\presets of your terminal. The button Reset restores the values of parameters on those which are prescribed in an EA itself.

forex expert advisor

8. All important information about EA work or appeared errors is accessible from the log of metatrader expert advisors. This information is duplicated in a log file which is located in the directory experts\logs . The file name coincides with a current date.

forex ea

That's it! Now you can enjoy your EA - Good luck with them!





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